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Dragon Con 2009

A nice group shot The smiley face arrives! A couple of from Slave Leias Nurse from Silent Hill My completed Evil Fire Elf Firing an arrow at an enemy A closeup of the tickets makeup eyes The Terminator Selene from Underworld Now that's a hardcore Trekkie! I clean the house, grocery shop and do laundry so that my husband will have that much less to worry about while I am gone. The League of Pushy Women, Self Appointed Chapter Head. Have a good convention. I do take the time to point out that if we had left last week like I wanted to, we could have been upwards to number four on the list. Was the headlining band for the Mad Scientists 2nd Annual Ball This was my first time seeing them live Yes, there is someone inside that metal cage between the two Tesla Coils I got really lucky here with lighting from someone else's flash The lead. It will be a weeklong endeavor. A band whose primary instruments are two giant Tesla Coils Music is created by varying the pitch of the lighting arcs created by the coils Arc Attack! First photo of the day, Colossus of the X-Men. And, of course, he gets one of me bent over. As we left the con for the day, there was one last photo I had to get. There are no photos of our brave departure because it is so early in the morning that cameras have not yet been invented. Atlanta was in the rear-view mirror but we were already talking about next years con.

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They tell me 11 am and cut the call short as they need to immediately set out to complete a thousand little tasks themselves. One of the many room monitors, Chuck, walks about greeting everyone with a pleasant good morning while also warning that the doors are about to open. Sadly for Salty, the Comedian remembered to strap heals that morning and held him at gun point. I wish I had a picture of how the booth looked on the last day, but sadly I was sent off to get the Buzzymobile so that Helper 1 and Helper 2 (Garret and Ted, respectively) could pack up what shirts that remained and tote. My little knapsack packed with a weeks worth of clothes, cell phone and camera are fully charged. Tacit begins to flog me, ticket a short video of, tacit flogging me, dorklord moves the coffe table out of the way. The Marriott, because it does not make enough money Dragon Con weekend, set up a grill and ice-cream stand just outside the door that lead into the hotel. Standing off to the side was Cobra Commander. A good time was had by all even though after three hours most of us never got our food. Steampunk A member of Cobra from.I. Öffentlich Conventions Dragon Con Dragon Con 2009 1, dgnCon2009 0001, abzug bestellen 278 views 2, dgnCon2009 0002, abzug bestellen 1 views. Joe Catwoman Star Wars 'droids Poison Ivy from Batman The Watchmen mingling with D*C crowd Me in Laurie Jupiter aka Silk Spectre II from Watchmen The latest in my all-liquid-latex costume series Mother Daughter, Sally Laurie Jupiter, Silk Spectre I II More of the Watchmen.

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Here are some of the pictures that were taken at Dragon con 2009. Dragon Con 2009 The Recap Buzzy Multimedia. I call and ask Joy and June at Buzzy what time I need to be at their place to leave for Dragon Con at the end of the week. Dragon Con 2009 rave 4 dragoncon 2016 HD parade Footage. Dragon Con 2009 Hyatt Atlanta, GA team.

What is a from dragon con superhero? Learn what it means to be a Dragon Con Superhero, here. Dragon Con 2009 Farscape Panel 1: Full Cas. Tom Felton at Dragon Con 2009 At the end he talks about Harry/Draco slash lmao. Media in category "Dragon Con 2009". The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. Star Trek actors William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy share a laugh at Dragon Con 2009. I have to be careful not to oversell this, but Dragon Con was the best CON evar!

Dragon Con 2009. Dragon Con 2009

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