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Станица Луганская.2 июля,2014. После авианалета ВСУ.Жертвы.

In the dark village of Lugansk completely destroyed several administrative buildings. All smashed, all the house, " says local resident Stas Ivanov. The pilot of the crashed plane managed воздух to catapult. For the residential sector has been caused an airstrike. In the morning of the second of July the Ukrainian military bombed the village of Old Kondrashova, located 20 kilometers from Lugansk. Earlier, witnesses told the media that the attack was carried out by four aircraft of the Ukrainian army.

станица Луганская.2 июля,2014. После авианалета ВСУ.Жертвы.

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On the премьера eve of the militia knocked in Lugansk region bomber of the Ukrainian military su-25. For fear of looting, familiar to those who suffered, take things out of the destroyed houses. Everywhere riddled with bullets fences and almost completely destroyed houses. In the yards of houses and gardens scattered fragments phone Explosion was of such force that people literally broke. People after the bombing fled, leaving behind property and Pets. Many houses almost totally destroyed - as the old wooden and sturdy brick. In the punitive operations were killed seven people, including a five year old girl. A large number of civilian casualties recorded in the air raids of the Ukrainian law enforcers on communities near the city of Lugansk, told journalists the press-Secretary of the Lugansk national Republic (LNR) "Stanichno-Lugansk district and on the New Kondrasheva were made airstrikes and artillery. Evacuation of people is not needed, as at that time the chamber was neither students nor teachers. Parents just yesterday congratulated her with her birthday.

  • Станица Луганская.2 июля,2014. После авианалета ВСУ.Жертвы.

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According to him, killed about ten civilians, including one girl five to seven years. Eight more local people are in воздух the hospital. According to the correspondent LifeNews, it was an su-25. After the bombing on one of the streets of Kondrashova remained four craters, located in a row. According to the Minister of defense LNR Igor Carpentry, in the district of Lugansk circled a few stormtroopers Ukrainian security forces. Mp3Skull, aiomp3, musicpleer, Soundcloud, Mp3lio, Tubidy.

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It is noteworthy that near the bombed residential sector there is no military facilities and weapons. Also in this yannilivetheconcertevent-hq-video area as a result of shelling on Tuesday was destroyed power substation, damaged power lines. A very large number of victims among the civilian population said Foreigners. During this bombing at four in the morning of the second of July in Lugansk shells авто-шоу landed in the school. Exploded ordnance destroyed spare input educational institutions. Were seized at the site of the metal fragments, which are then sent for examination. According to the eyewitnesses, the city was fired from aircraft.

July 2 nd, 2014. 2nd, 2014. премьера at 8:01.

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