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Bentley Bentayga Off-Roading in the Dunes

A small stab of the throttle propels you into the horizon far quicker than expected. In traditional Bentley fashion, the Bentayga gets a massive.0 litre W12 TSI engine, heavily revised for use in the Bentayga. And a reversible boot overmat doubles as a rear bumper protector when loading and unloading the car. Our first car featured 50,575 worth of options pushing the price up to 210,775. The pace is quite incredible considering the SUVs 3,200 kg gross weight. Bentley Bentayga Off Road 1 of 28 The Bentayga looks out of place compared with the dune buggies favoured by the regulars. Back to top Request a callback Personalisation paints, leathers AND veneers Bentley offers a choice of more paints, leathers and veneers on Bentayga than any other SUV. Exterior, the signature sharp lines, flowing curves and seamless surfaces of Bentaygas advanced aluminium exterior reflect a fresh take on the Bentley design full language. Those 5,000 or so customers who have already placed their faith in Bentleys ostentatious plans look as though they are about to be rewarded. The EXP 8 F was the concept Bentley used to gauge public reaction. Subject to regional availability. A complete range of new alloy wheels are available for the Bentayga in sizes ranging from 20 inches to 22 inches. The closest would probably be the extremely successful Range Rover Autobiography, although that car comes in at a lower price point.

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Bentley Motors is today announcing full details of its pinnacle, sector-defining new model, the Bentayga. 2016 Bentley Bentayga goes off - road video. Luxury off -roaders, and its unlikely owners would ever tackle the sort of track the mule in the video. Watch a Bentley Bentayga Go Off - Road. Not that many of us would ever expect to drive a Bentley off - road, but with the release of the Bentayga we can now. In off - road mode, the Bentayga slows to a crawl. A 40 minute helicopter journey sees us out on the Californian sand dunes. Bentley Bentayga Off - Roading in the Dunes. Sissi, la naissance dune impratrice (partie floyd 1 2).

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Off - road, Bentley, dynamic Ride increases axle articulation for enhanced grip and greater comfort. You can access, bentayga s infotainment systems in the. In the video below, Bentley gives us a clear view of its first SUV tackling some moderately challenging. Bentley, bentayga, sUV Go, off. 2017 Bentley Bentayga - Off - Road Wallpaper.

Bentley, bentayga : THE, fastest, most powerful, most luxurious AND most exclusive SUV. IN, tHE, world, bentley, bentayga off road? Roading in the, dunes. Bentley, bentayga : Better Than A Range Rover?

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Bentley Bentayga Off-Roading in the Dunes.

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