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New Ford Focus ST (2012)

Yet the style and equipment of the Ford Focus also tempts you to compare it to the four-cylinder variants of the. Ford Fusion, Honda Accord and, mazda. Performance, as the price of fuel rises irresistibly toward 4 per gallon, it's necessary to make the hard choice between power and fuel economy. But the refined inline-4 engine in the new Focus makes you wonder what the fuss is about because it delivers both. The 1,999cc inline-4 engine of the new Focus makes 160 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, some 20 hp more than last year's version of this engine. This is enough power to propel this top-of-the-line 2012 Ford Focus Titanium's not insubstantial 3,076 pounds to 60 mph from a standstill.7 seconds, and the car goes through the quarter-mile.4 seconds.4 mph. This engine is also quiet while it's idling at stoplights and refined while it's humming down the freeway in the fast lane. When the time comes to visit the gas station, you'll be surprised at the number of miles that have gone. Edmunds testing of this 2012 Ford Focus Titanium recorded an average of 27 mpg. Ford itself promises an EPA-certified 28 fathers mpg city/38 mpg highway, while the EPA has just certified the specially equipped Focus SFE (super fuel economy) for a highway rating of 40 mpg. Much of the secret lies in the Focus' six-speed automated manual gearbox, a design that has made the leap from high-performance exotic cars to everyday transportation. This transmission shifts according to its own programming like an automatic, yet it still delivers the throttle response and fuel efficiency of a manual transmission. You'll notice the transmission's reluctance to creep forward smoothly from a standstill to parking lot speed, and the transitions between gears will be more abrupt than those of a conventional automatic, but the crisp throttle response combined with a surprise (in a good way).

Use our Car Buying Guide to research. Ford Focus ST prices, specs, photos, videos, and more. Oct 09, 2017 Welcome to the, ford Focus, forum, Ford Focus ST, forum, Ford Focus.

new Ford Focus ST (2012)

20, ford Focus, sedan Hatchback High Performance

Pros, space-efficient package; fuel-efficient engine; lots of convenience features; world-class style. Cons, larger turning radius than before; dual-clutch transmission takes getting used to; ride quality suffers noticeably with -inch tires. As the 2012 Ford Focus takes you down the road for the first time, you can feel yourself gradually picking up speed, as if the friction of daily automotive life had suddenly been overcome. You feel as if there is a gap in traffic ahead just for you, while every gas station you see is a reminder that you can sail past without a second thought. What you sense has nothing to do with physics. Instead it is the burden of the small-car stereotype being lifted from your shoulders. You feel transformed by an automobile that is utterly modern, one that is neither large size nor small size but instead "right size.". Americans have been chasing such a car for decades, wobbling between the guilty pleasure of enormous land yachts and righteous enthusiasm for tiny fuel-sipping pods, but now the Ford Focus shows us the middle ground where most of us belong. Though it carries the same name as Ford's previous compact sedan, this new-generation Focus has been stretched a few inches into a size that's just right. Just as important, the Ford Focus doesn't make you suffer for choosing the way of the right-size vehicle. It has an adventurous, modern look that makes nearly everything else on the road look tired and stuffy. More important, the 2012 Ford Focus is available with the same comfort and convenience features we demand in large cars, even while its pricing remains consistent with what we expect of a small car. The base model begins at 16,270, which is the same price as the 2010 model. The top-of-the-line Titanium reflects the greater feature array available in the new car, with a price that starts at 22,995. As you compare this front-wheel-drive sedan with its four-cylinder engine to the competition, the. Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3 and, volkswagen Jetta come to mind as similarly sized and priced vehicles.

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new Ford Focus ST (2012)

Select a year to find. Ford Focus pricing, reviews, photos, and videos. Edmunds has detailed price information for the. Used 2012 Ford Focus.

The performance and design will inspire городе a feeling of confidence when driving the. Ford Focus, sedan Hatchback. Come see it for yourself. The technology and design will inspire a feeling of confidence when driving the 2017. New and used, ford Focus vehicles.

New and Used, ford Focus: Prices, Photos, Reviews, Specs

The, ford Focus is a family of compact cars, most recently redesigned in the 2012 model year. The, focus is the American automaker's global best. Ford of Europe introduced the, focus in 1998 to the European market as a replacement for the. The decision to name the new car the Ford Focus was made.

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New Ford Focus ST (2012).

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