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Sail Away (2005)

Remember when I swore, my love is never ending, and you and I will never die. Cause everything ain't what I used to know. Sail away, the night is calling my name. To live once again, i'm fearless to fly, and reach for the end. You will stay, I'll sail away. And you and I would never die. Sail away, sail away, it's time to leave. Once upon a time we used to burn candles. The dream that we lived, was better than divine, every day was like a gift. Fade away, twilight is calling my name. Records Manufactured Marketed by Warner Strategic Marketing. Remember when I swore, we had it all, we had it all. Fade away, the night is calling my name. We had a place to call a home.

Sail away ( 2005 ) TVRip

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The Rasmus - Sail Away (2005 - Hide. The Rasmus Sail Away pgmcds 64 (Singles).

The Rasmus towels - Sail Away (2005). Chorus: I'll sail away It's time to leave Rainy days are yours to keep I'll fade away The twilight's. The rasmus sail away 2005. The Rasmus - Sail Away (Acoustic) 2005 - Hide from the Sun. Sail away The night is calling my name Sail away.

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Dimitri Vegas Like Mike - Stay A While (Official Music Video).

Sail Away (2005).

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