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- ...Кортеж премьер-министра Японии вливается в движение...

"Hunting Girl regardless of its brisk tempo, is an extremely dull attempt at a rocker that just goes and goes. "Minstrel in the Gallery" is one fantastic eight-minute people number. "One White Duck" and the main part of "Baker. 'Elegy' is a very, very catchy instrumental (do you know that it was written by David Palmer, not by Ian?) and 'Dun Ringill' ranks among ten best ballads the band ever did. "My Sunday Feeling "Beggar's Farm and the very jazzy "A Seranade to a Cookoo" are my highlights from this album. "Jump Start" and "Steel Monkey" are at least clever and fun, lyrically, although I also have to agree that "Said She Was a Dancer" and "Budapest" are quite redundant. . "Casey at the Bat (Road Game. "For A Guy Who Struck Out 100 Years Ago, Mighty Casey Is Still". " LP, as you imply.

- ...Кортеж премьер-министра Японии вливается в движение...

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  • -...Кортеж премьер-министра Японии вливается в движение...
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